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Religious Leader

Sh. Riad Ouarzazi

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  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Established public speaker
  • Marriage officer and family counselor in Canada
  • Fundraiser and community leader
  • NLP Life Coach Certified Practitioner in Canada


  • Degree in Islamic Studies, M Abdullah University, Casablanca, Morocco, 1987
  • Bachelor of Science degree in International Management, Golden Gate University, San Francisco, California, USA, April 1994
  • Master of Science degree in Computer Information Systems, Golden Gate University, San Francisco, California, USA, December 1996

Sh. Riad Ouarzazi


Sh. Riad Ouarzazi is an established, respected, and revered teacher to students from across the globe. His teaching style is unique, appealing and most importantly accessible to all manner of students whatever their knowledge or background from new Muslims and people considering Islam as a way of life, to established Muslims. His Islamic Degree was from M Abdullah University, Casablanca, Morocco in 1987.

Since 1991, Sh. Riad has been teaching with many organizations including Al Maghrib Institute, Human appeal, Muslim Aid and a range of others. As well as this, Sh. Riad directs his own organization called ROC training which delivers seminars, Islamic retreats and a range of other services across the globe. His areas of expertise include marriage, time management & personal development, anger & stress management, and many other subjects.

Sh. Riad is a regular guest on many channels such as Islam Channel, Ramadan TV, Guide US TV, Sharjah TV, Noor Dubai, Malaysian, Indonesian TV, and many others.