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Happy Hijri year. Our 2019 Hajj packages will be announced very soon. Our new packages will have a combination of quality and reasonable prices…basically the Falcon experience. Therefore we ensure those who have the intention to go for Hajj in 2019, to fill the form below so that we can send you our packages once they are ready.


Before you choose your Hajj Package, or deal with any Hajj Company in Canada, you should know if you meet the basic requirements of the Ministry of Hajj, and the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Canada.

If you are a male going by yourself or accompanying a family member, and you are 18 years or older.

If you are a male younger than 18 years and you will be traveling to Hajj with an older Male family member ( be 18 years or older). Muhrem relations accepted: (Father, Brother, Uncle “Father’s Brother or Mother’s Brother”, Grandfather).

If you are a female accompanied by a Male family member ( be 18 years or older) acting as a Muhrem. The Muhrem relations accepted: (Father, Husband, Brother, Uncle “Father’s Brother or Mother’s Brother”, Grandfather, Son, and Son in Law).

If you are a female planning to travel by yourself to Hajj without a Muhrem, and you are 45 years or older, you can go without a Muhrem.

If you are a Citizen of Canada and you are holding a valid Canadian Passport.

If you are a Citizen of another country with a valid Canadian PR card. If you are not a Canadian Citizen and you do not have a valid Canadian PR card but you wish to tag alone with our Canadian Group, you obtain your own Hajj visa from your country, and you can buy the land package from us.

You should be holding regular passport (No Diplomatic or special passport) that is valid for at least 6 months from the traveling date. You can also be holding a valid Travel Document and apply. Regardless if it is a passport you are holding or a travel document, they be Machine Readable (No hand written or manual passports will be accepted).

If you are applying for the first time or if you have been to Hajj before but not in the last 5 years.

If you have been to hajj within the last 5 years but you are going with someone who has been to Hajj as a family Muhrem. You can be accompanying your (Wife, Mother, Daughter, Mother in Law, Aunt “Mother’s Sister or Father’s Sister”).

If you have broken any type of Saudi visa before by overstaying after your visa expiry date, or you have a criminal record in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, The Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Canada holds the right to either accept or reject your visa.

If you are a Muslim or a revert even if you have a Non-Muslim name. You might be required to provide extra documents to proof that you are a Muslim.

To ensure your eligibility you may click on the Hajj Eligibility Questionnaire below. It takes couple of minutes to complete the questionnaire, and you will get a confirmation of your eligibility status. You will also get a copy by e-mail.

If you decide to choose Falcon Travel as your Hajj services provider, we require this questionnaire as one of the Hajj visa requirements.

– Hajj Visa Department

The following Hajj visa requirements below are divided into two categories; The general Hajj visa requirements, and the additional requirements for specific cases. If you decide to go with Falcon Travel, We highly recommend to get all the visa requirements ready as early as possible so that we can check your documents and confirm your documents status.

General Hajj Visa Requirements:

This year’s updated Hajj Visa Application, electronically filled (Or neatly handwritten), signed and dated.

A valid passport for at least 6 month from the traveling date of your Hajj Package is required. Your passport be machine readable. Passports showing water damage, or any kind of damage, or not well maintained, or dirty will NOT be accepted by the Embassy of Saudi Arabia as the Embassy uses very advanced scanner to read the passports, these scanners will not be able to read the passports if they show any of the above mentioned signs. You MUST provide a copy of your current passport even if it is expired or will require to be changed, at the time of signing up for one of the Hajj packages.

If you are a permanent resident of Canada and not yet Canadian, you provide a colored clear copy of your VALID PR card (Both Sides). The Embassy of Saudi Arabia will use the information on the card to validate the legitimate owner of the card, in case if the card is not legitimate or it belongs to another person, you risk being black listed for life with the Saudi Authorities, and your application will be dined and reported to the Canadian Authorities for states fraud.

The Embassy of Saudi Arabia requires two Canadian passport size photos (50 mm “2 inch” wide X 70 mm “2-3/4 inch” high). The photos must be colored with white background. For Ladies, the photos are preferred to be with Hijab but NOT mandatory. The photos must be stamped, dated by the studio, and you are asked to print your full name and sign on the back of each photo. If you have enough computer knowledge to scan your photos and send it to us as soon as you take them, that is highly recommended but it is NOT mandatory. Any small sized photos, or photos NOT showing the face looking straight at the camera will be denied.

You are required to provide a proof of being vaccinated against Meningitis ACYW135 or Menactra. The Canadian government vaccination card (The Yellow Card in Ontario, White Card in Alberta, or Travel vaccination Card) to proof that are vaccinated is highly recommended. You can get vaccinated at any travel clinic or by your family doctor. Although the Meningitis may be required once in a life time, also some doctors give Meningitis dosage that is valid for 5 years and 10 years the Embassy of Saudi Arabia requires the vaccination date NOT be older than 3 years of the travel date of your Hajj Package. The vaccination card or must show the date you were vaccinated, the vaccination name or code, the doctor name, the doctor signature and/or the clinic stamp in which you were vaccinated.

Hajj Mutawif fee is a fee enforced and collected by the Saudi Authorities upon arrival at Jeddah or Medina airport also known as Mutawif Fee. If you are booking a package with Falcon Travel, we will be paying this fee on your behalf to the Ministry of Hajj while you will be paying this fee on top of your package price.

This draft covers the cost of (Tawaf agencies, for housing at the Holy sites, and also it covers a portion of your AC transportation services) therefore each Hajji MUST carry their own draft.

Your Hajj Mutawif fee is approximately $450 CAD including the wire transfer charges to Saudi Arabia. Children between the age of 7 and 15, pay approximately $230 CAD including the wire transfer charges to Saudi Arabia. Children younger than 7 years are exempt from paying the Hajj Mutawif fee.

You are required to provide your confirmed airline ticket reservation. Your ticket should show the ticket #, the departure date from Canada, the arrival date, the arrival port “for example to Jeddah or Medina airport”, your departure date from Saudi Arabia. Some guidelines to keep in mind:

  • The last date to enter Saudi Arabia for Hajj is 4th Zul Hijja.
  • You can NOT enter through Riyadh or even transit in Riyadh. Your ticket MUST have the first stop in Saudi Arabia at Jeddah Airport or Medina Airport.
  • The number of days you stay in Saudi Arabia MUST match the validity of your Hajj visa.
  • The departure port MUST be from any Canadian airport, and should not be departing from anywhere else in the world.
  • If you are acting as a Muhrem for ladies or children, all your family MUST be entering and exiting Saudi Arabia on the same days and flight.

If you are booking your package with Falcon Travel, we will arrange your airline ticket and we will ensure it meets all requirements.

If you have a non-Muslim name, or you are a new revert to Islam, you MUST provide a proof of being a Muslim. i.e Birth Certificate showing a Muslim named Father and Mother, or a Certificate of Conversion to Islam. A letter from any Islamic Institutions is NOT accepted by the Embassy of Saudi Arabia.

If your name that is appearing currently in your passport is different than your name appearing in any of the required documents i.e Birth Certificate, or Marriage Certificate; you MUST provide a copy of a legal Name Change Certificate showing the old name and the current name.

If you not planning on dropping off or picking up your documents to/from one of our offices in Canada, then you provide a prepaid FEDEX waybill so we can use it when returning your passport and documents after we finish the visa processing. We also highly recommend using FEDEX when sending us your documents and passports as it is one of the safest courier service providers in the market. We advise everyone to avoid Canada Post at all cost when sending sensitive documents.

Additional Hajj Visa Requirements:

In Addition to the Mandatory Requirements for Everyone, you will need to provide a copy of a legal, governmental document proofing your relation with the Muhrem. i.e (a copy of a Marriage Certificate, or the long Birth Certificate showing both the names of the parents…etc). The document MUST be in English. Documents that aren’t in English MUST be translated to English by a Certified Canadian Translator, Click Here to find a Canadian certified translator.

Once you have the English document or you have the document with the certified English translation, the document MUST be notarized from a notary public or the Board of Trade.

Once the document is notarized, the document MUST be sent to the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ottawa to be certified.

If you decide to go with Falcon Travel, we will be helping you in getting this document ready once you have the English document or the document with the English translation.

In Addition to the Mandatory Requirements for Everyone, you will need to provide one of the following documents:

  1. Traveling Alone Declaration (FAL654) IF; you are living on your own and do NOT have a Male Muhrem i.e (Father, Husband, Brother, Son that is 18 years or older…etc) to give you permission to go for Hajj. (The Form Must Be Filled, and Notarized by a Notary Public or a Lawyer)
    1. Related Documents to be provided with FAL654: If you are DIVORCED or WIDOWED only, you will need to provide a legal proof of your marital status i.e Divorce Certificate or Court Order, Death Certificate,…etc.
  2. Muhrem Letter (FAL852) IF; you have a Male Muhrem i.e (Father, Husband, Brother, Son that is 18 years or older…etc) to give you permission to go for Hajj. (The Form Must Be Filled, and Notarized by a Notary Public or a Lawyer)
    1. Related Documents to be provided with FAL852: You also need to provide a copy of any legal photo ID of the Muhrem who is giving you permission to go for Hajj i.e (Valid Driver License both sides, Valid Passport…etc). You will also need to provide a notarized copy of any legal proof of your relation with the Muhrem i.e (Marriage Certificate, or the Long Birth Certificate showing the names of parents…etc). The proof MUST be in English or Arabic or French, any other languages will need to be accompanied with a notarized translation.

If the children are traveling with BOTH parents:

The long birth certificate showing the name of the child as it is in the passport along with both names of parents.

If the children are traveling with the FATHER:

  1. The long birth certificate showing the name of the child as it is in the passport along with both names of parents.
  2. Consent letter for children traveling abroad filled and notarized by the Mother, along with a clear colored copy of a Photo ID of the mother i.e (Valid Driver License both sides, or Valid Passport…etc)

If the children are traveling with another Blood Muhrem other than the Father i.e (Brother, Uncle…etc):

  1. The long birth certificate showing the name of the child as it is in the passport along with both names of parents.
  2. Consent letter for children traveling abroad filled and notarized by both Parents giving the child permission to travel abroad, along with a clear colored copy of a Photo ID from each parent i.e (Valid Driver License both sides, or Valid Passport…etc)
  3. Muhrem Letter (FAL321): Filled, Signed, and notarized by the Male Muhrem who is NOT going giving permission to the child to go for Hajj with Blood Male Muhrem and indicating the relationship of the Muhrem who IS going to the child.
    1. Related Documents to be provided with FAL321: A copy of a legal proof of the relationship between the Muhrem who is going and the child i.e. (If the child is going with his older brother, then a copy of the long birth certificate for the Muhrem and the child showing the same parents…etc)

Additional Document required For Children 15 Years or Younger:

A proof of being vaccinated against POLIO.

Below you will find a complete list of all forms and documents required to obtain a Hajj visa from Canada. These Forms comply with the requirements of Hajj enforced by the Ministry of Hajj in Saudi Arabia and the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Ottawa, Canada. Most of these Forms are electronically fillable, but for those who would like to fill it manually please ensure your hand writing is neat and clear.

– Hajj Visa Department

In Canada there are 24 authorized agents to provide Hajj services. These approved agents are registered with the Ministry of Hajj and the Hajj quota system Click Here to view all approved agents. 20 of these companies offer economical services what is known in Saudi Arabia as the North American Standards. The other four companies offer elite services what is known in Saudi Arabia as the Upgraded V.I.P services. Falcon Travel is the biggest with respect to the number of Hajj visa quota, and considered the leader of all these four companies, as we were the first to introduce these services in Canada in 2006.

Moreover, Falcon Travel manages two of these four companies to have a better chance to serve more Muslim Canadians. The Upgraded V.I.P services are not about paying more for luxurious Hajj while some companies do that, Falcon Travel insists that V.I.P services saves unnecessary wasted time and energy caring for basic life necessities such as clean food and comfortable bed.

Falcon Travel has the privilege to host the respected Hajis in the Upgraded VIP Camp in Mina, and Arafat across of Jamarat (Location 51 and 52) so the Hajis can perform the rituals comfortably and utilize the limited time they have to engage in all type of Ebada. Therefore, Falcon’s Hajis don’t have to walk 4 KM twice a day during the Hajj days to get to Jamarat “stoning”. Moreover, this V.I.P camp is facilitated with dedicated washrooms so our respected Hajis don’t have to line up for hours waiting to use the washroom or to take a shower.

A part of the services provided in the V.I.P camp is full open buffet with multinational menu catered to the nationalities of the Hajis Falcon hosts every year, the buffet is catered by a 5 stars, certified food and catering company authorized by the Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of Hajj, which eliminate the need for Hajis to line up at a street restaurant to buy fast food which could lead to food poising, or a heat stroke. This the basic necessities are covered during the Hajj days.


One of the most helpful V.I.P services included as a part of the V.I.P package Falcon Travel signs up for in Saudi Arabia on behalf of our respected clients, is the Elite Mashaer Train. The Mashaer Train moves between Mina camp, Arafat camp, and Muzdalifa. Each way takes around 10-12 minutes to get to the next destination. That saves the 14 hours stay in a bus moving between Mina, Arafat, and Muzdalifa. Or the use of aged public buses which can easily breakdown leaving the Hajis with no option but to walk in the crowd and the heat for hours, which could lead to health problem. Falcon Travel also offers the Elite Air Conditioned Buses on our sightseeing trips, during our movements in Medina and Makkah, and also for elders who can’t walk or take the train during to health reasons.

In any successful industry or work place there are people “Team” behind the success or the end result of the work. Falcon Travel understands the importance of picking the right people and placing them in the right place with the required knowledge to be able to assist and help Canadian Muslims. Our Canadian team is divided into smaller teams; You have the Operation Team designs the work procedures from the day a client signs up and until the Hajis complete their Hajj. The Sales Team responsible for helping the clients choosing the right product that best suits their time, finances, and needs. The Visa Legalization Team responsible for helping clients obtaining their visas. The Religious Advisors responsible for assisting the Clients with Fiqh matters according to their sect “Mazhab”. Each of our team members speaks at least two languages for better communication.


In Saudi Arabia, Falcon Travel has a very strong team running the show. We understand that even though the pre-planning is done at the best possible way, but with such a big crowd performing Hajj, challenges do occur. Therefore, we ensure that we are ready to deal with any situation we may face through a well trained team that can create a stress free environment for the Hajis to complete their Hajj without having to deal with any difficulties. In our Saudi Operation Team, we have Managers, workers, a team that handle the luggage, electricians, plumbers, construction workers, A/C and Heating technicians, drivers, doctors, and guides.

Each of these experienced team members has one goal in mind, and that is to ensure the comfort of our respected Hajis.

To Conclude:

Hajj is a life time experience and investment while some are able to experience it more than once, others may not. That being said; Falcon team focuses to ensure you’re your experience is exceptional and that your investment pays off. So How do we do that?! Simply by emphasizing on the success keys that can make Hajj a wonderful, exceptional experience:

  • No Aziziah, No Buildng

  • All prices are in Canadian Dollars, no USD.

  • Well-designed packages that caters to all needs. We offer Express packages, 40 Salah packages, and Regular three weeks packages with two options for each package to choose from V.I.P and Value.

  • We ensure that these packages are priced fairly, so you don’t over pay, and you don’t save money at the cost of quality. When comparing apple to apple we offer the lowest cost packages in the country with the best quality available.

  • All of our accommodations used in any of our Hajj packages are either 4 or 5 stars which suit the Canadian standard. Anything below this is not suitable for Muslims living in Canada.

  • We hand pick our religious guides carefully so they can educate the Hajis in Canada and in Saudi Arabia, they also accompany the group to perform Hajj with them step by step. This way Hajis can perform Hajj according to their own sect “Mazhab either Hanafi, Shafie, Maleki, or Hanbaly”. We want you to perform Hajj the way you are comfortable with.

Falcon Travel tries to ensure that during the 5 Days of Hajj “The hardest days during any Hajj Package” the Hajis have all the means to keep their health and strength so that they can focus on Ebada “the reason of the whole trip”. The idea is to be able to achieve the balance between performing Ebada the best way possible, and at the same time to stay healthy. Therefore We promise a life changing experience.

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