In Saudi Arabia there are 25 Umra Providers authorized by the Ministry of Hajj and Umra to book Umra visas and Umra services such as accommodation, transportation, meet and assist. All the Umra service providers in Canada and around the world MUST by law register with one of these 25 companies to be able to issue a Umra visa, book accommodation and other aspects of your package.

In 2012 the Ministry of Hajj and Umra issued a rule to these companies that any Umra client must be registered for accommodation, transportation, meet and assist (Full Package). The Ministry of Hajj explained that some of the pilgrimage count on knowing someone in Makkah or on the pilgrimage ability to hunt for better deals with accommodations in Makkah, which results in some cases for the pilgrimage to spend nights on the street and that dangers the pilgrimage health by spreading diseases. That is why from that date, any Mutamer which will be caught at the airport without his Saudi Company representative or without his/her booking vouchers will result for the company to be banned from doing Umra Business for one whole season (one year).

Giving this fact, it was decided among Falcon Travel board members that Falcon will NOT issue any visa without a full package. That doesn’t mean that we won’t help you get a visa only if that is something you are interested in, but it will not be under Falcon’s license.