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Why go through so much confusing procedures to obtain your Saudi visa from Canada? At Falcon Travel we make the procedure of applying for any type of Saudi visa as easy as it should be through a hardworking, experienced team that has been around the procedure from the beginning. When it comes to applying for a work visa, a family visit, a business visa, or as simple as exit re-entry visa; you want to consider dealing with a professional team that can advise you on how to make the process so simple.


Carefully check your visa type, related requirements and forms in our website before you send your visa application for processing


As per the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, starting from October 01, 2016: Fees for all types of Saudi visas have increased. Please be sure to check with our office for the new applicable fees


As per the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, starting from June 20, 2016: All applicants applying for a visit visa to Saudi Arabia MUST purchase a medical insurance at the time of submitting the application. The price for the medical insurance depends on the period spent in Saudi, and the applicant age. Our office will choose the most suitable medical insurance, and give you full details on your policy

  • The visa is issued at the discretion of the Embassy of Saudi Arabia, and the Embassy may require additional documents

  • Processing of the visas is conducted according to the order in which is received at the Saudi Embassy in Ottawa. Falcon Travel strongly advises that you submit your application way ahead of your departure date to be on the safe side

  • The Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Ottawa can issue visas that allow travelers to enter Saudi by air exclusively. Please ensure that your entry airport is the closest to your sponsor’s location. To avoid airline cancellation fees; the Saudi Embassy has advised NOT to purchase any airline ticket before obtaining the entry visa. A simple printout of the itinerary is sufficient to process your application

  • The Saudi Embassy does not accept incomplete applications. Therefore, it is REQUIRED that you meet all requirements, and submit all documents to our office prior to submission of your application

  • The visa authorization/letter of invitation from the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs is valid for 3 months from the date of issue unless specified otherwise

  • Entry visa issued by the Saudi Embassy in Ottawa, is valid for 3 months from date of issue unless otherwise specified on the visa

  • The validity of stay in Saudi Arabia starts every time from the traveler’s entry date to Saudi Arabia

  • If you have a valid visa on your current passport, The Embassy of Saudi Arabia will not issue another visa as you can’t have two valid visas. A notarized request for cancelling the old visa, explaining the reason of canceling, will be required. Our visa specialist will advice you what need to be written in that letter

  • If you are couriering your documents to our office, we highly recommend using Fedex, and allow for enough time for your documents to reach our office as delay may happen. Falcon Travel is not responsible for any delay that may occur from the courier company while receiving or sending your documents

  • We usually process visas based on the order they were received in. Your application will NOT stay in our office more than 2 business days before we send it to the Embassy of Saudi Arabia. If you require an expediting service, an expediting fee of $200 CAD will be added to your application fees. Please advice our visa specialist if you require this service

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