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Falcon Hajj Mina Camp is the most luxurious 5 stars camp in Saudi Arabia.

The camp is built according to the best facilities available in Saudi Arabia to make Hajj as comfortable as possible and that gives a chance to Hajis to focus more on Ebada rather than focusing on walking 4KM in the heat among the big crowd of Hajis walking to reach Jamarat, or lining up for hours to buy a sandwich or to use the washroom.
In other words we do our outmost to take all the stress out of your trip especially during the 5 days of Hajj so that you can take advantage of each minute to get closer to Allah (SWT). A lot of Hajj providers claim to have good services or better services but pictures speak better than words, above you will find a small collection of our recent 2014, 2015 Hajj groups during Mina showing the service and the level of quality, to get the full picture Click Here to visit our photo library and check out all of our Hajj trips.