Mastour Hamed Ahmed Al-Sawat AL-Otaiby Building, Al ShiSha, Makkah, Saudi – Show map

Falcon Hajj Building is one of the best buildings in Al Shisha Area in Makkah. It is NOT in Al Azizia, it is in Al ShiSha, Makkah, Saudi Arabia.

Located in Al Shisha, Makkah on the boarder of Mina exactly 15 minutes away from Falcon’s VIP mina camp across of Jamarat. Being that close to Jamarat gives the Hajis the freedom to go back and fourth to the Hajj building which is accessible to all Falcon’s Hajis 24 hours, to use their bedrooms, washrooms, or to access their belongings in their rooms.
In Makkah there are three areas where Hajj providers can rent buildings in; Al Shisha, Kuday, and Al Azizia. Kudy and Al Azizia are far from Haram and far from the Jamarat in Mina therefore the building and hotels are cheap, but in Al Shisha the area is considered a little far from Haram “Exactelly 45 minutes walking to the Haram” and 15 minutes walking to Jamarat, therefore the buildings and hotels in Al Shisha are more expensive because it offers more convenience to the Hajis and the nature of the buildings seem to be more luxurious than the buildings anywhere else.