Regular Passports can be issued a Hajj visa through an authorized Hajj agent in Canada such as Falcon Travel and is counted from the Hajj visa quota of this authorized Hajj agent.

While the Diplomatic Passport does NOT need to apply for Hajj through an authorized agent. The Diplomatic passport holder should contact his Embassy to contact the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Ottawa and obtain a special permit to perform Hajj. After the permit has been given, the Diplomatic passport holder applies directly to the Embassy of Saudi Arabia, then the Embassy issues the Hajj visa. Once the Hajj visa has been issued by the Embassy of Saudi Arabia, the Person can choose any authorized Hajj agent like Falcon Travel to join their group and benefit from their services in Saudi Arabia.

Falcon Travel does NOT accept or apply for any person holding a Diplomatic Passport. Therefore if you hold a Diplomatic Passport and wish to join our group, please follow the procedure mentioned above, then contact us and we will be more than happy to serve you.