Hajj Regular Visas in Canada are based on a quota system, where there are authorized agents like Falcon Travel given a license to serve a specific number of Canadian Hajis by applying their documents for a visa under the agent’s license. Therefore when the a reputed agent promises a spot to a Haji, it is guaranteed as long as the Haji’s documents are accepted and approved by the Ministry of Hajj, and the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Ottawa, Canada.

The Mojamala Visas are complementary visas given to princes and other Saudi officials. They use these visas to invite whomever they wish to come to Saudi Arabia and perform Hajj “The word Mojamala means complementary”. These officials use the number they want and they are left with a number of complementary visas at no use to them. Some companies in Canada and USA managed to establish a relation with these officials so they can get the left over complementary visas and then offer it to clients here in Canada or the US.

The Risk; as mentioned above the regular Hajj visas are guaranteed as long as the documents are approved where the Mojamala Hajj visas are not guaranteed for couple of reasons:

  • The Embassy process all the regular Hajj visas first, then once all the companies are done with their assigned visa quotas, they process the Mojamala Visas. What that means to you, is that there is a risk you could miss your Hajj flight.
  • Since the Saudi Officials who were given these Mojamala visas use a portion of the Mojamala visas, the agent here doesn’t know how many Mojamala visas he is getting. What that means to you, is that you could be promised a spot and then in the last minute the agent will cancel you. Some will return the money right away; others will take time to return the money.
  • Because the Mojamala Hajj visa is complementary and not legally assigned as a part of the quota of one of the local agents, the Ministry of Hajj and the Saudi Ministry of Foreign and Affairs can reject or cancel them at any time (a good example is what happened in Hajj 2014, where the Mojamala visas were denied from Canada and the US). Again lose of Money, time and big disappointment.

Therefore, Falcon does NOT process any Mojamala visas, and will NEVER promise any Haji a Mojamala visa. We stand by what we offer and we offer guaranteed services. But if you apply for a Mojamala visa and you get it, you are more than welcome to join our group.