What is more important; The safety of your documents or saving a buck or two on courier?!

Since Hajj is one of the most important, expensive events that occur once in a lifetime to most of us, when preparing for Hajj we naturally are careful to do things the right way. We at Falcon Travel have witnessed so many documents including passports getting lost because the Haji decided to save a buck or two and use a low reputed company for courier i.e Canada Post…so many have booked their Hajj trip on time, paid all the fees involved with Hajj, and couldn’t go for Hajj because their documents were lost in the courier. So why take a chance?!

Yes we as Muslims believe in fait, and yes if it is written for someone to go for Hajj, they will go no matter what, and if it wasn’t written for someone to go, they will not go no matter what. But that doesn’t mean that we act careless and hope for the best, but rather we should do everything in our capacity to ensure we are going, and then leave the end result to fait.

Falcon Travel highly recommends using FedEx to all our respected clients. FedEx offers a lot of plans that saves time and ensure the safety of your courier. You can also track the status of your courier through their comprehensive tracking system on their website, on your phone, and on your iPad. You can also call FedEx to schedule a pick up from the comfort of your home or office, and you can call them to hold a certain courier at their location for pick up. In short words FedEx have all the tools you as a Haji may need to use while sending or receiving your documents to us.

Therefore, it was decided among all of our offices across Canada NOT to deal with any other courier company other than FedEx.