In 2014 over 1400 Canadian Haji were denied a Hajj visa at the last minute because directly or indirectly they were dealing with an American Hajj Company. Falcon Travel found it a MUST to clear all facts with respect to this even as some Canadian companies were honest explaining what really happened and some weren’t.

As per the Ministry of Hajj, and the Saudi Ministry of Foreign and Affairs; Every Muslim wishes to perform Hajj or Umra MUST obtain a visa from the country which they hold its nationality. That being said if you are a Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Resident of Canada you MUST obtain your Hajj/Umra visa from an AUTHORIZED Canadian Hajj Service Provider.

A list of all authorized Canadian Hajj companies is on the Canadian Embassy of Saudi Arabia’s website to view them Click Here.

Dealing with any other agent from outside of Canada to obtain a Hajj/Umra visa for Canadians or Permanent Resident of Canada is and has been always ILLEGAL, as these companies who have done this in the past used to involve illegal actions such as applying with fake green cards and other methods as issuing you a different kind of Hajj visa called Mojamala visa(Complementary Hajj Visa, which is given to Saudi Princes offices) these visas they are NOT guaranteed visas as the regular Hajj Visas which are based on a Quota system.

In Ramadan 2014, the Ministry of Hajj lunched a new on-line system to be able to check the validity of the PR cards and Green Cards to ensure that each country is issuing visas to their own nationals. The Ministry of Hajj, and the Saudi Ministry of Foreign and Affairs in 2014 also denied any Mojamala visas from USA and Canada.

Unfortunately, some Canadian authorized an unauthorized companies took the chance in selling Hajj packages for the American Companies. And since the Ministry’s new on-line system, all visas from Canada that were sent to USA to be approved were denied. Some of these companies have returned the Hajis’ money and some didn’t. Some explained the reality that they were taking a chance with people’s passports sending them across boarder without their knowledge and other didn’t.

Therefore, we strongly recommend you booking your Hajj seat with an Authorized Canadian Hajj Service Provider. Even if you will pay a little more but you save your overall investment.