As per the Ministry of Hajj, and the Saudi Ministry of Foreign and Affairs; dealing with an unauthorized hajj agent in Canada or abroad is ILLEGAL.

The reason behind this is simple; By you applying through an authorized Hajj agent, you deny yourself your basic rights while in Saudi Arabia and in Canada. Even if you wanted to complain to the Embassy of Saudi Arabia here in Canada, and you use an agent name that is not authorized to be conducting Hajj business in Canada, NO ONE will be able to help you.

Q. I have a friend who has dealt with a unauthorized Hajj agent, but he got his visa and performed hajj…so how did this agent get him a visa?
A. For this unauthorized agent to get your Hajj visa issued; they will either BUY a visa only from an Authorized Canadian Hajj Agent that couldn’t sell his Hajj packages, or will BUY a visa from the USA, or will apply for a Mojamala visa (Complementary Hajj Visa, which is given to Saudi Princes and officials) all these ways are NOT guaranteed as applying through an authorized agent that has guaranteed Hajj Visa based on a Quota system. So you are putting yourself at risk when you apply through an unauthorized Canadian agent.

Q. How do I know who is authorized and who is not?
A. Through the closest Saudi Embassy to you, in our case in Canada; we have only one Saudi Embassy in Ottawa, Canada. Click Here to view a list of all approved Canadian Hajj Agents on the website of the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Canada.

Below you will find a list of rights you have as a Haji when you apply through an authorized Hajj agent:

  • You are Hajj Visa covers your health insurance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you only have to cover basic medicine expenses.
  • Each authorized company has a Hajj License Number “Munazem Number”, using this number you can deal with the authorities at the Passport Office in Saudi Arabia.
  • If your agent promised you an accommodation or a service that wasn’t delivered in Saudi Arabia, you can complain to the Mutawif Office “The Official Saudi Authority responsible to handle all Hajis” using the Hajj License Number “Munazem Number” of your agent. Then the authorities open an investigation to ensure that this agent is not cheating the Hajis, and that you as a Haji are getting your rights which were promised to you through your Hajj contract.
  • If you wanted to report any actions to the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Canada, you can do so using the Company name, and the Hajj License Number “Munazem Number” of that agent, which help maintain honesty and good service from the Hajj services providers to all the Canadian Muslims.
  • You have a guaranteed spot in Mina Camp, and since the Mina camps are numbered and these numbers do NOT change, you are well aware of your camp location and number before you even depart to Saudi Arabia.
  • You have a guaranteed spot in Arafat Camp.
  • If you are applying through one of the 4 VIP Hajj Service Providers in Canada, you will have a guaranteed Train bracelet to use during the Hajj days moving from Mina to Arafat to Muzdalifa and back to Mina.
  • You have a dedicated representative to deal on your behalf with the Saudi Authorities when it comes to Transportation and other services such as Meals, and beverages during the Hajj period.

After knowing all this, will you take the risk?! I wouldn’t.