Frequently Asked Questions about Hajj

It is my first time going for Hajj, I don’t know which package to choose; Can you help me?

Well first congratulation on making your decision in making Hajj this year. May Allah (SWT) accept from you, Amin. Second, choosing a Hajj package not only with Falcon Travel but with any Hajj provider is very easy. First, you need to know that there is nothing called right or wrong when choosing a Hajj package, [...]

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It is my first time going for Hajj, a lot of family members and friends recommended to go for the shortest package and later I can go for Umra to enjoy my stay in Saudi Arabia. Which package is better the shorter or the longer package?

There is NO good, or better when choosing your Hajj package. A Hajj package is only good if it suits YOUR schedule at the end of the day it is your Hajj experience and you are the only decision maker of how you want to experience it. From our experience the short packages are designed [...]

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I was thinking to perform Hajj this year, but for some personal reasons I am thinking to delay it until next year. Is this a personal preference or do I have to go this year?

Hajj is the fifth pillar of ISLAM, same as praying and fasting…when there is an Islamic allowed excuse i.e. a person is sick, this person can skip fasting and redo it again when they become better. Performing Hajj follow the same Sharia law, the one Islamic allowed excuse not to perform Hajj at least once [...]

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When is the last day to sign up for Hajj?

The Hajj visas in Canada are limited and based on a quota assigned to certain authorized companies. Since the big Hajj fraud which took place in 2014, over 3000 Canadian Hajis couldn't go for Hajj because of some companies promising them cheaper packages and couldn't deliver. Therefore there is a big demand this year on [...]

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How do I know that I am registered for Hajj with Falcon Travel?

If you finalize the registration process with one of our Falcon's sales representatives, that means you are guaranteed a seat with Falcon Travel. Without finalizing the Hajj registration process including (Filling the Hajj reservation sheet, Signing the Hajj Terms & Conditions, Providing a copy of your current passport, Paying the agreed on initial deposit) you [...]

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I heard that some Hajis who were not Canadian citizen, but they have a valid PR card and couldn’t go to Hajj in 2014, will I have a problem?

Up until now, the rules of the Ministry of Hajj and the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Ottawa indicates that a person with a Machine Readable Passport and a valid PRC can go for Hajj. But that is not a guarantee because the Ministry of Hajj and the Embassy of Saudi Arabia are the only [...]

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