Well first congratulation on making your decision in making Hajj this year. May Allah (SWT) accept from you, Amin. Second, choosing a Hajj package not only with Falcon Travel but with any Hajj provider is very easy. First, you need to know that there is nothing called right or wrong when choosing a Hajj package, there is defiantly a better Hajj provider to go with…Hajj is a sacred journey between you and Allah (SWT) that is why it MUST suit you and your needs, for you to focus on your Ibada time. Therefore, these are some questions which you have to answer that will help you decide which package and which company to go with.

Before Selecting the Hajj Provider/Hajj Company, ask yourself:

  1. Do I want to go to Makkah First, or Medina First?
  2. Am I interested in a concise package (less than two weeks), or a shorter package (two weeks +/- a couple of days), or a long package (17 days and above)?
  3. In Mina, for 3 days can I walk for 4 KM going and 4 KM back in the heat and the crowd or not?

Makkah First packages seem to be more effort than Medina first, but it is enjoyable as you start with Umrah, then you rest then you start Hajj. The length of the package can affect the price (the shorter the package is in most cases, the more expensive it is…Hajj is unlike Umrah; the Hotels have different prices for different periods in Makkah, the closest you are from the time of Hajj, the more expensive it is). Your ability to walk determines which company to check first…as in Canada there are only four companies provide camps across of Jamarat (Falcon Travel manages two of these companies), the rest are in the North American camp which is 4 kilos away from Jamarat.

Now you know, If you want to start Makkah first, or Medina first… you also know how long you want your package to be (Regular, Express, or Long)…and you know if you will be looking within four companies that offer camps across of Jamarat in Mina or the rest of the companies in Canada.

Now when looking at the different Hajj providers / Hajj companies, Ask these questions:

  1. Are you licensed to be conducting Hajj from Canada or not? Click Here to find out which companies are authorized. Any company that is NOT authorized to conduct Hajj business in Canada is a fraud and signing up with them is a huge risk (in 2014 over 3000 Hajis from Canada didn’t go for Hajj and lost a lot of their money because they signed up with companies that aren’t authorized to provide Hajj from Canada)
  2. Is your camp across of Jamarat in Mina or is it among the North American camps? This question will help you to know if the packages the company has suit you or not. (e.g. for example if you are looking for camps across of Jamarat and the company in North American camps there is no point knowing about their packages, as they don’t suit you)
  3. Now time to ask the package questions; Do you have a package that is within (the duration you chose in the first set of questions)? (e.g. if you are looking for an express package, and the company doesn’t have express packages, there is no point of hearing the full presentation of what they have)
  4. If they have the duration you want, ask Does it start with Makkah first, or Medina first? The reason you leave this question to the end is that if all the above three questions suit you and this one doesn’t suit you (it doesn’t matter) it is a good feature to start with the city you prefer but not a MUST. So if you like everything about the package except that the packages don’t start with the city you like, you may think of sacrificing this part
  5. Finally, ask about the price of the package? And what isn’t included in the price? Knowing what is included, is not as important as knowing what is NOT included. Surprises are the worth thing that can happen during Hajj

Once you have gathered this information, try to ask other Hajis who went with this group to be able to determine if they are good or if someone else is better. Which Hotels and What airline are not important in Hajj as all the airlines will get you to Saudi Arabia the difference will be in the level of service which you enjoy 11 hours out of your whole trip. And having Hotels across of the Haram is a nice feature, and it comes handy especially with Hajis that have diabetes or with a special need but again not as important as what we mentioned above.

May Allah (SWT) guide you to the best Hajj provider, and Hajj package that suit you, and May you have a safe an unforgettable journey to Hajj. Amin.