There is NO good, or better when choosing your Hajj package. A Hajj package is only good if it suits YOUR schedule at the end of the day it is your Hajj experience and you are the only decision maker of how you want to experience it. From our experience the short packages are designed for Hajis who have performed Hajj before and wish to perform Hajj again OR Hajis which Hajj became a Fareda on them “Once a person can afford to go to Hajj, Hajj becomes a Fareda on this person. And it is a SIN not to perform Hajj at least once if you can afford it” but they can’t afford to spend so many days due to family or work obligations here in Canada. Longer packages are designed to relax the Hajis and get them well prepared to perform Hajj before the days of Hajj. In summary; if you can afford to stay for a longer period of time, then your best choice will be always the longer package, that doesn’t mean you will be paying more as there are lots of shorter packages and more expensive.