Hajj is the fifth pillar of ISLAM, same as praying and fasting…when there is an Islamic allowed excuse i.e. a person is sick, this person can skip fasting and redo it again when they become better. Performing Hajj follow the same Sharia law, the one Islamic allowed excuse not to perform Hajj at least once in a lifetime is only (AFFORDABILITY) health wise AND / OR financial wise. Once a person’s health allows them to go for Hajj, and he/she can afford the cheapest Hajj package in the country of residence, Hajj becomes a MUST on them, and they sin by skipping Hajj for other reasons such as (I want to go VIP but can’t afford it now, I want to go with my friend, I want to go with my favorite Imam,…etc) . We recommend speaking to your Imam to analyze your situation and advice you if Hajj is now a MUST on you or not.