Yes you can. here is the procedure;

  1. At the time of obtaining the visa, you will be contacted by our visa specialist to give you instructions of how you will get the documents to us to get you the Hajj visa from Canada.
  2. We will be discounting $1800 CAD from the package price for your ticket cost.
  3. We will buy your ticket from the country which you are currently staying at to Saudi Arabia, or you can buy your own ticket as long as you arrive the same date your group is arriving on to Saudi Arabia.
  4. Our staff will meet you at the Saudi Airport (Medina Airport, or Jeddah Airport depending on the package) and then will escort you to your hotel that is where you will join your group and complete Hajj with them.
  5. Once Hajj is over, you will be escorted to Jeddah’s Airport for final departure.

That been said, at Falcon Travel we always give priority to Hajis who are currently in Canada or will be traveling out of Canada. The reason we do so is that they Hajis start their trip with a group leader and a full group traveling together, entering Saudi Arabia together and that makes the operation for the Hajis so much easier than an individual going for the first time, not knowing what to expect.