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Falcon Travel Team is a team that you can count on. Each member of the team has one goal and one goal only; that is how to make your experience as enjoyable and as easy as it can through the knowledge and experience that each member has developed throughout assisting and understanding clients’ needs.

London Ontario, and Surroundings


Was born and raised in Egypt. He then immigrated to Canada and became an active member of the London Muslim Community helping the Masjid and the Islamic School. In the early 90’s he accompanied his late Father & Mother to Hajj, at that time the Hajj experience was not pleasant and was full of challenges especially for elders. “That is when it all started for me” says he.

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He had a dream then to take on the role of serving the community by facilitating Hajj and Umra but in a safer and more comfortable way. It wasn’t long after his return to Canada until He took over Falcon Travel a company that was established in the 1980, and for the first time introduced the Hajj & Umra Department.

Following his dream, he start expanding his operation from London, Ontario to the GTA, then to West Canada, and finally in Quebec, and was able to establish different branches in these areas to make it easy for communication and interaction with the Muslim Communities.

But it wasn’t enough that he is serving the Muslim Communities all over Canada, he was still focused on making a difference in the experience especially for the elders, finally with Allah’s blessing he was able for the first time in Canada to introduce what is so called now VIP services that include locations across of Jamarat, dedicated camps in Arafat, designated area in Muzdalifa, and the Mashaer Train.

“Allah (SWT) blessed us with the opportunity to serve his honored guests; Hajj for us is a lifestyle, a power given by Allah (SWT) to whomever he invites to his holy house so that when a person returns back, he/she is spiritually stronger to introduce a positive change into their lives” says he.

KHALED BARAKATHajj & Umra Consultant

Was born and raised in Kuwait, then moved to Egypt to finalize his University Studies. After Graduation He worked with Egypt Air as a reservation agent, but it wasn’t too long when Khaled became The Regional Sales Manager for Egypt Air and was requested to move back to Kuwait to help develop all the procedures needed for Egypt Air to boost their sales.

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In a short time he was able to boost the sales and developed easy but yet comprehensive performance techniques that helped making Egypt Air the leader within all other Airlines in Kuwait.

He then was offered Regional Manager Position for Ukraine International Airlines in Kuwait where he helped initiating travel and tourism relations between the two countries. Khaled then immigrated with his lovely family to Canada, and finished his project management course to add to his list of achievements.

He was looking for an opportunity to serve the Muslim Community in Canada, where he can put all the skills and experience he has to benefit his Muslims brothers and sisters, that is when Khaled joined Falcon Travel. He helped in developing the Falcon reputation in Canada through Falcon’s Mississauga Branch, and then moved to Falcon’s London Branch to continue offering his services to the Community. He is a proud father of a lovely daughter, and a loving husband to a great wife.

He is one of the Hajj Operation in Team in Canada and Saudi Arabia, and wishes to continue serving the Muslims until the end of his days.


Was born and raised in Canada. Have had always a dream to travel the world and explore new adventures. After spending most of her youth traveling, the passion for travel finally inspired a career. She is an alumni of Fanshawe Colleges Tourism & Travel program. After two years of hard work and analyzing the travel industry she specialized in Corporate & Leisure travel.

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Mandy’s passion and skills can assist you in Corporate Travel arrangements, Family Travel, Disney Cruises, and vacation packages including all-inclusive resorts.


Toronto Ontario, and Surroundings

AHMED ELKHOLYManaging Director

Was born and raised in Egypt, Immigrated to Ontario, Canada to finish his studies. Following his passion for graphic design and computer programming, he graduated and moved to Alberta to work with some respected Corporation such as HP, Laptop Depot, Geek Squad, and Cineplex Odeon Corporation in the Marketing and Sales Team.

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Through his dedicated work attitude, he start occupying management positions for these big companies to discover his core talent developing and upgrading Corporation work procedures, creating new policies and process that helped companies do their job faster, save on unnecessary expenses, and deliver a better communication with clients (customer relations).

Falcon approached him to manage Falcon’s Main Branch in Mississauga. That is when he moved back to Ontario. It wasn’t too long until he was able to build his winner team and took Falcon to a whole new level in Marketing, Sales, and Customer Services.

He manages now the whole operation of Hajj & Umra along with his team in Canada and works side by side with the Saudi Operation Manager to ensure that Falcon doesn’t only do well, but to perform at the best level there is in Canada.

KHALED RIADSaudi Visa Consultant

Was born and raised in Egypt, moved to Spain to continue his education, and after to London, England to finish his studies. He spent most of his professional life working with pharmaceutical companies as a Marketing & Sales Manager. He is able to fully communicate in three different languages Arabic, English, and Spanish. He is a proud father of three beautiful children.

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Khaled immigrated to Canada and joined Falcon team in the Mississauga Branch to benefit the company with his great Marketing experience. Due to his great organizational skills, his great deal of paying attention to details, and love to help others; it wasn’t too long until he became well-known Saudi visa Consultant among the famous consultants in Canada.

He is also considered the Saudi Embassy’s favorite visa consultant all over Canada. He has a passion for travel, sports, reading, and drawing.

FATIMA KASSITravel Consultant

Was born and raised in Morocco, after finishing her university studies she immigrated to Canada to live in Ottawa. That is when she finished her Travel Agent certification by the Travel Industry Council of Ontario. She then start working in the Travel industry to apply all her skills and experience to help others. Fatima start working in the Hajj & Umra travel industry where…

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she excelled in providing such convince to Muslims who are traveling for pilgrimage and yet like to visit their countries after words. She is well known to the community for the ability to arrange professional and cost effective travel arrangements for individuals, and groups.

She provides a pleasant and satisfactory customer service through the ability to assist clients in English, Arabic, and French. She has a passion for travelling, reading, and loves to engage in cultural activities.

YASMEENA MENONHajj & Umra Consultant

Was born and raised in Goa, India. She finished her studies and built her experience moving from one position to a higher position serving customers in different fields. She then got married and had two kids then the whole family immigrated to Canada. Since she came to Canada she has been eager to engage in the Muslim Community until she succeeded to become one of the women..

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leaders of the Milton Muslims Community. She worked with big financial organizations in Canada such as RBC and finally wanted to carry on her skills and experience to serve her community and became a part of the Falcon team in our Mississauga Branch.

Since then she opened potential market and was able to add to the company’s good reputation by developing better customer service techniques especially with her ability to help clients in English and Urdu/Hindi. She is well engaged in community events and charitable gatherings.

She is one of the important Hajj & Umra team players as she plays an important role in carrying forward all client needs, preference to the decision makers to ensure that each one of our respected client’s travel experience is satisfactory.


Longueuil Québec, and Surrey British Columbia

FAWAD KALSIManaging Director

Was born and raised in Calgary, AB and also completed his education at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT). He studied Computer Technology while majoring in Information Systems. He currently resides in Langley, BC and is the proud father of 3 beautiful children. He completed his Tahfeezul Quran in 1998 at the Islamic Academy of Canada, Edmonton, AB.

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He is family man and an entrepreneur with extensive corporate background. He has held several high profile positions within TELUS Communications stretched over a span of 12 years. His diversified experience, includes owning and managing several businesses in the fields of technical consulting, Laundromats, real estate management to fast food industry.

He is also responsible for establishing Falcon Travel’s commercial presence in Western Canada. He is currently responsible for all operations related to West Canada (which includes British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba). Under his management also falls Falcon Travel’s Surrey retail branch.

He loves to play hockey, golf and cricket. His passions include traveling and spending time with his children and family. His favorite city is Madina, Saudi Arabia (the city of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)).

He loves to serve the Hujjaj and guest of Allah. He feel this is the most spiritually satisfying job that exists.

NAJAT ZAOUIHajj & Umra Sales Manager

Was born and raised in Morocco. After graduation, she worked as a French Teacher and excelled in helping educating people. Since then she was always in a leading position offering services to the community. She immigrated to Québec, Canada with her family, and started a new business servicing the Muslim Communities all over Canada HMCA (HALAL MONTREAL..

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CERTIFICATION AUTHORITY) a business responsible to determine what Halal products Muslims can use in North America. She is an active member of the Moroccan community in Québec. and as a part of the services she wanted to offer to the Muslim community of Québec, She joined the Falcon Team back in 2010 when she start leading a big group from Québec to Hajj and Umra throughout the year, and service them in the language they prefer during the trip. Indeed she is a great addition to the Falcon Team.


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